About Anita June

What is the story of the brand name Anita June? June is not only the favourite - and birth - month  of the designer, hungarian born Anita Pouragheli, but “joon” is also a persian phrase used by her husband,  meaning “my love” (Anita-joon).

Anita loves to travel all around the world and discover new places, but it wasn’t until she first came to Gothenburg that she found her own style in fashion and jewelry. She instantly fell in love with the minimalistic scandinavian style people on the street were dressed in. 

After working with economy for years she decided to pursue her dream - to design jewelry just like her mother used to do when Anita was a little girl. She took classes in silversmithing and enjoyed to design jewelry in her own modern yet simple style with her own twist. 

She gets into “the flow” every time she works on her jewelry which fills her with a feeling of focus and enjoyment.

“I would like to inspire other people to find what they enjoy doing and go for it” - Anita


Anita gets inspired by industrial interior design, effortless scandinavian street style, traveling and different cultures.

The pieces are perfect for layering, easy-to-wear, delicate, but at the same time bold and edgy. You can combine many items together or you can wear one on its own to add just that detail to your look.

The key for a no-frills industrial chic look is simplicity. The interest is found in the mix of different textures and surfaces.

 For a fun and elegant juxtaposition, add a feminine item such as a dainty or pearly jewelry to a raw industrial statement piece.

About the jewelry

All jewelry are designed in Sweden. All our jewelry are manufactured by a trusted ethical jewelry manufacturer in Bali, Indonesia.  Great focus is put on attention to detail. We only use the highest quality materials such as 925 silver and 18k gold. We personally inspect every item to ensure that every piece of jewelry meet our high quality of standards.

All our silver are recycled with low oxygen levels.