We are an ethical jewelry brand that dedicates ourselves to quality, thoughtful sourcing, ethical working conditions and fair wages. Whether it’s a thoughtful addition to our own wardrobe, or a sustainable gift to our loved ones, jewelry is an accessory that we can cherish for a lifetime.

All jewelry are designed in Sweden and produced by a trusted ethical jewelry manufacturer in Bali, that is interested in ethically sourcing, with a commitment to produce unique and original jewelry of high quality. Part of our collections are assembled in Gothenburg as well. We only use the highest quality materials such as 925 silver and 18k gold. All our silver is recycled with low oxygen levels.

Philosophy of our manufacturer:

  • Fair wages, a safe working environment and a strong social support network. Workers and staff benefit from continual training and skill upgrading programs. Contribution to the local economy and manage social programs to help the communities around them.
  • Quality product, the customer derives great enjoyment for many years wearing the product.
  • Continually improving safety standards, working conditions, operational infrastructure, and protection of the local environment.

We aim to contribute to uphold traditional craft techniques. Bali was chosen as a home base for our manufacturer due to the wide range of traditional skills to be found on the island and the inherent creativity of the local artisans. These are skills which are not easily taught or acquired which gives Bali a unique advantage in jewelry manufacturing.

As a small brand, our collections are limited and last more than one season. We do not want to be another brand that sells jewelry in a fast-fashion manner. Our goal is to make the jewelry feel timeless that are not bound to season or trend reports. We are creating styles that are classy and matching each other. That way the wearer can layer older designs with new ones season after season.