Why Balboa? Because it is rocky....

Like the legendary character in the movie, this collection has a roughness to it. However, it is inspired by the raw interior design that often can be found in Scandinavia.

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Why do we put a label on everything?

Not everything is black or white. This collection symbolizes that we shouldn’t categorize everything. Thus, the label we are wearing is empty.

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Wave At Me

Let these soft curves wave at you every time you wear them.

This feminine design is symbolizing the harmony between you and your body. Wear your curves proudly.

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Leaf Love

Everyone loves a nice Monstera plant. 

I have one at home that has a leaf shaped like a heart. It always reminds me of my loved ones when I cozy up with a cup of coffee.

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We just couldn't not include baroque pearls in our collections. These beautiful freshwater pearls with organic, natural shapes are so classy and go so well with our other industrial style jewelry.

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